Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wedding Photojournalism Inspiration :: Jennifer Wohrle Photography on thePhotoChicks Podcast today!

If you're looking for a hit of #photography #inspiration - especially if you love #photojournalism - Listen to Jennifer Wohrle Photographer on The Photo Chicks podcast today!!!  Woohoo! Such a good interview with this lovely lady. Cheryl and I have both been seeing the world different after chatting with Jennifer Wohrle and getting super excited about composition and capturing 'moments'.

Listen to her interview at

Enjoy the inspiration and sunshine!

Friday, August 1, 2014

THFC Photographer Critiques :: Busy Backgrounds, Cutting Off Toes, & Sun Spots

My wonderful photography friend, Victoria who shoots for the Happy Film Company, loves when I make feedback videos. It's such an awesome way for us to review her work after a shoot without having to set aside a bunch of time to meet up. I can make it and she can watch in our own time. Plus, we can always go back and re-watch in the future and share the videos online so other photographers can benefit too! Hooray the benefits are abounding! haha

In this "THFC Photographer Critiques" video, I drew attention to Victoria's backgrounds, cropping and lighting. In particular, we are searching for simple, clean and not-distracting backgrounds. We are careful to not crop off toes, hands, and other body parts so things don't like amputated or "missing". This is a fine attention to detail but once it's brought to your attention I dare you to try and forget it. Lastly, she was on a beach where the bright sun is a massive challenge. It's also very challenging when it's shining through trees and giving you lots of dabbled light to work with. Oh the challenges of photography. Enjoy!


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Remove Steps & Make Things Easier to Increase Your Success Rate

Ok, weird mystery. I love blogging for myself but I hate creating blogs for the Happy Film Company. What's with that? I dread it and I procrastinate it and then two weeks later I realize I haven't blogged a family photo shoot and I'm fallin' behind and gettin' stressed and oh help.

Likewise, I have these fantastic writing spells where I blog here everyday for a weekend and then a creative drought arrives and you guys don't hear from me for a month. Again....what the heck?

I work at a yoga studio near my house and I get an awesome employee benefit - unlimited yoga classes. Lucky much? But day after day I struggle to get myself to yoga mat. Clearly my years of blaming my 'lack of yoga' on 'lack of money' is a theory that is flying out the window as we speak.

So this leaves me wondering...why do I have things in my life that I want to do....but don't do.
Maybe it's because I have so many thoughts in my mind, so many events on my calendar, that these little tasks seem daunting. My favorite motto that helps me with tricky conundrums like this....Simplify Simplify Simplify — Henry David Thoreau 

Every difficult task, break it down into small pieces and figure out which pieces make you suffer the most. See if you can remove those pieces or change them to make them easier to swallow. It's like Canned Responses in Gmail. If you don't have to type out your name at the end of every single email, that's one less thing you have to do, which makes it one step easier to get through your inbox each day.

I've started making little changes, like keeping my yoga mat in the car - always ready to go. I now schedule my appointments & photo shoots so they end just in time for me to make it to the next yoga class on the schedule.

Up until this week, I've always uploaded a photo of myself at the bottom of every blog post. For some silly reason my blogging platform still doesn't allow you to create signatures or templates. Whaaaat??? I know. So anyway, that 30 seconds of uploading a photo is a pain every time and I'm so over it! I've stopped including that picture and already blogging is a little easier for me. It makes me kinda sad because I like including my photo at the end of of my posts because I think it make it more personal but if that step is tripping me up and making me avoid blogging, it's probably not worth it right now. Sacrifices.

When you're struggling to do something in your life or business, step back and look at the specific steps that you're dreading. See if you can change one little step and maybe the whole experience will change too! :D


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to Export Photos Out of Lightroom with Different File Names & Rename Files After Export

One of my favorite things about having wonderful photographers who are part of the Happy Film Company team is that they send me questions. I love questions because I love teaching photography and questions give me inspiration for new material. Like this little video I made last night on special request for one of the girls. Her question was how to export files from Lightroom and give them different names. Now, there is a fantastic chance I've totally misinterpreted her question and I'm about to take you guys on a 4.5 minute rabbit chase down a very unhelpful hole. But fingers-crossed, I got it right and this video will answer this question for everyone out there who is wondering.

How do I rename photos when I export photos from Lightroom?

Oh, you're not going to believe this. After writing the paragraph above, I double checked the text messages on my phone and realized that she was totally asking me a different question. So I guess I jinxed myself. haha After reconsideration, I think this is the question she was asking...

How do I rename files AFTER I've exported them from Lightroom?

haha If I still haven't gotten the question right, please try asking me again Miss. V. ;)